Scholarships supercharge UWA research projects

Mar 22nd, 2023

Two PhD students from The University of Western Australia with stellar aspirations have been awarded Westpac Future Leaders Scholarships to complete research projects.

"I have always wanted to bring the future of computing forward to help solve our grandest challenges."

The prestigious scholarships provide up to $120,000 of financial assistance and leadership development for students at Australia’s leading universities.

Nicholas Pritchard, 25, of South Perth, who is studying at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, will use the funds to...

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Adil Khan has not seen The Martian. But his work is...

Funding gives plants in space a growth boost

The University of Western Australia’s Plants for Space team...

UWA launches second phase of...

“This research project is really about taking research that has...

Research on the Record: meet Bhagya...

Research scientist Dr Bhagya Dissanayake’s work as a proteomics...

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Kwok Van Der Giezen FM, Viljoen A, Campbell-Clause L, Dao NT, Colas Des Francs-Small C, Small I Insights into U-to-C RNA editing from the lycophyte Phylloglossum drummondii. (2024) (The Plant Journal) pubmed:38652016
Yang F, Vincis Pereira Sanglard L, Lee CP, Ströher E, Singh S, Oh GGK, Millar AH, Small I, Colas Des Francs-Small C Mitochondrial atp1 mRNA knockdown by a custom-designed pentatricopeptide repeat protein alters ATP synthase. (2024) (Plant Physiology) pubmed:38206203
Khan MA, Herring G, Zhu JY, Oliva M, Fourie E, Johnston B, Zhang Z, Potter J, Pineda L, Pflueger J, Swain T, Pflueger C, Lloyd JPB, Secco D, Small I, Kidd BN, Lister R CRISPRi-based circuits to control gene expression in plants. (2024) (Nature Biotechnology) pubmed:38769424
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