Our staff and students are essential to our success. We provide development opportunities for our staff and students by providing technical and professional courses and training programs that enhance knowledge and skills in current techniques, theory and technologies.

We have opportunities for students and post-doctoral researchers to join our research team working on plant genomes, gene expression, plant adaptation, plant signalling, organelle differentiation and function, metabolism, respiration, photosynthesis, drought, temperature and salinity tolerance.

PEB is committed to excellence in its recruitment, training and education of postgraduate students.

PEB recognises the crucial part its postgraduate students play in the Centre's success. Investing heavily in opportunities for our students to engage in technical and professional improvement that enhance their knowledge and skills prepares them for positions in the commercial and academic sectors and leads to successful outcomes for the Centre through the work of these high-achievers.

The Centre has 91 PhD, Masters and Honours students currently enrolled, 14 of whom commenced and 10 who successfully completed last year. PEB students are the lead authors of numerous publications arising from the Centre’s research.

PEB's team of exceptional researchers excel not only in their science but in their related endeavours. For this they are routinely recognised, and PEB scientists and students have been the recipients of a range of prestigious awards and recognitions.

State of the art facilities

The Centre undertakes fundamental and strategic research relating to plant metabolism, signalling, nutrition and genetics in model plants using a wide array of functional genomics approaches. It has excellent plant growth and imaging facilities, plus state-of-the-art equipment for genome, transcript, protein and metabolite profiling.

PEB Scholarships

Plant Energy Biology has several types of scholarships available for students undertaking projects in the centre's research programs. Availability of these is dependent on the project chosen and its supervision.

Pathways to Success

PEB extends its research and builds new collaborations through its valued affiliated researchers. Our affiliated researchers are independently funded and bring both added expertise and an expanded focus to PEB.

The Centre in turn provides support, access to technology and collaborative opportunities for these scientists and their staff and students.

Attracting the very best young scientists to develop their projects in collaboration with us is a key focus of the Centre. This makes maximum use of the exciting intellectual environment and the wonderful modern facilities at each of our four nodes.

More than 20 Future Fellows, DECRA Fellows and International Fellowship holders have joined the Centre to develop their own research programs since 2014.

The Centre rightly prides itself not only on excellent science coming from its labs, but also strives to make sure that its discoveries are relevant to society. Partnerships with industry on selected topics of interest to stakeholders have been initiated to value-add the expertise of the Centre's researchers.

Salinity tolerance, drought tolerance, phenomics of energy traits, biomarkers in metabolism and plant hybrid systems are the current focus of these efforts.