Student opportunities

We offer scholarships for PhD students, Masters students, Honours students and for undergraduate vacation projects. If you want to join us, see the opportunities below.

Essential to our success

Our students are essential to our success. We develop our students by providing technical and professional training that enhance knowledge and skills in current technologies, techniques and theories in biological and computational sciences.

PEB Scholarships
PEB Scholarships

Never before has plant energy biology been so important, as world energy resources dry up and our food supplies fail to match growing populations.

Plant Energy Biology can help you secure several types of scholarships available for students undertaking projects in the centre's research programs. Availability of these different options depends on the project chosen and its supervision.

Scholarships are in recognition of excellence in students, and are designed to help you focus on your project without the need to find external paid work.

Visit our scholarships page for full details.

Honours Students
Honours Students

to help you through your undergraduate Honours year in Plant Energy Biology. Are you about to finish your science degree and thinking of undertaking Honours at The University of Western Australia, Australian National University, the University of Adelaide or La Trobe University?

There are many great projects which you can undertake in the Centre Have a look at our Student Research Projects page for more information.

  • Enrol in Honours at your intended University (naming a supervisor from the Centre)
  • Make a copy!
  • Complete your PEB Scholarship application form (click here to download)
  • Email both the copy of Uni enrolment, and PEB application to [email protected]
Student Research Projects
Student Research Projects

Our centre invests heavily in research training at all levels, and we would like to invite you to consider carrying out your Honours or Postgraduate research training with us.

We offer a unique research experience that will allow you to develop your scientific skills, but also provide you with the professional skills to be successful whatever your ultimate career choice.

We invite you to find out more about our research projects and who to contact about them through the project page.


To be eligible to do your research as a Centre postgrasduate, students must be enrolled in a Masters or PhD program at The University of Western Australia, Australian National University, the University of Adelaide or La Trobe University.

  • Go to our website and read about our staff on the profile page
  • Contact the Investigator of your choice and discuss a potential project with them
  • Should you choose to proceed with University enrolment, you will need to have one of the senior academics named on your University enrolment application
  • Email a copy of your Uni enrolment and your PEB application to [email protected]
  • ENROL with your intended University