Research on the Record: meet Bhagya Dissanayake

Posted: Feb 2nd, 2023

Research scientist Dr Bhagya Dissanayake’s work as a proteomics specialist sees her applying the expertise she gained as a PhD student at The University of Western Australia to the early detection of plant and human diseases by precisely identifying protein biomarkers associated with the conditions.

Based at Proteomics International at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, her studies seek to help improve salinity and drought tolerance in crops such as wheat and chickpea.

During her time at UWA’s School of Molecular Sciences, Dr Dissanayake also investigated implications of her research for crops beyond our planet, working with a team at the International Space Centre to solve the challenge of how to provide enough food to sustain long-term space exploration missions.

In her interview with Research on the Record, Dr Dissanayake talks about the unique approach to developing more resilient crops – and the importance of the work to withstand the escalating impacts of climate change.

She also discusses the massive challenges associated with her studies – including convincing industry that the long-term goals of her research are achievable and worth the investment, and what she has learned about persistence along the way.

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