Dr Michael Considine

  • ARC Future Fellow, The University Of Western Australia
  • group: Considine


A major focus of our group is to understand the regulation of plant dormancy, and developmental transitions by the environment. We explore this in both lab and agricultural species, particularly perennial fruit crops such as grapevine and apple. A particular focus of our studies is the function of oxygen-dependent signalling within buds and meristems, which includes the N-end rule of O2/NO proteolysis and redox modifications. We also work closely with the ag/hort industry on breeding and nutritional quality, for example in apples. Our research is based on physiology and biochemistry, coupled with genomics and genetics.

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Year Publication Online
Considine MJ, Foyer CH (2024) Redox regulation of meristem quiescence: Outside/ in. J Exp Bot (in press).
Salo W, Considine JA, Considine MJ (2024) Influence of mixed and single infection of grapevine leafroll-associated viruses and viral load on berry quality. Tree Physiol 44(5):.
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