Mr Akila Wijerathna Yapa

  • PhD Student, The University Of Western Australia
  • group: millar


Protein turnover

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Year Publication Online
Li L, Duncan O, Ganguly DR, Lee CP, Crisp PA, Wijerathna-Yapa A, Salih K, Trösch J, Pogson BJ, Millar AH (2022) Enzymes degraded under high light maintain proteostasis by transcriptional regulation in <i>Arabidopsis</i>. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 119(20):e2121362119.
Li L, Lee CP, Ding X, Qin Y, Wijerathna-Yapa A, Broda M, Otegui MS, Millar AH (2022) Defects in autophagy lead to selective in vivo changes in turnover of cytosolic and organelle proteins in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 34(10):3936-3960.
Wijerathna-Yapa A, Stroeher E, Fenske R, Li L, Duncan O, Millar AH (2021) Proteomics for Autophagy Receptor and Cargo Identification in Plants. J Proteome Res 20(1):129-138.
Wijerathna-Yapa A, Signorelli S, Fenske R, Ganguly DR, Stroeher E, Li L, Pogson BJ, Duncan O, Millar AH (2021) Autophagy mutants show delayed chloroplast development during de-etiolation in carbon limiting conditions. Plant J 108(2):459-477.
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