Ms Samantha McGaughey

  • PhD Student, Adelaide University
  • group: tyerman


The role of aquaporins in salt and drought tolerance in the grass species Setaria - Postdoctoral Fellow, Byrt Group – Engineering plant membrane proteins and solute transport to increase yield security

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Year Publication Online
Tyerman SD, Mcgaughey SA, Qiu J, Yool AJ, Byrt CS (2021) Adaptable and Multifunctional Ion-Conducting Aquaporins. Annu Rev Plant Biol 72():703-736.
McGaughey SA, Tyerman SD, Byrt CS (2021) An algal PIP-like aquaporin facilitates water transport and ionic conductance BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA. BIOMEMBRANES 863(10):183661.
Qiu J, Mcgaughey SA, Groszmann M, Tyerman SD, Byrt CS (2020) Phosphorylation influences water and ion channel function of AtPIP2;1. Plant Cell Environ 43(10):2428-2442.
Tran STH, Imran S, Horie T, Qiu J, McGaughey S, Byrt CS, Tyerman SD, Katsuhara M (2020) INT J MOL SCI 21(19):undefined.
Hoai PTT, Tyerman SD, Schnell N, Tucker M, McGaughey SA, Qiu J, Groszmann M, Byrt CS (2020) Deciphering aquaporin regulation and roles in seed biology J EXP BOT 71(6):1763-1773.
Kourghi M, Nourmohammadi S, Pei JV, Qiu J, McGaughey S, Tyerman SD, Byrt CS, Yool AJ (2017) Divalent Cations Regulate the Ion Conductance Properties of Diverse Classes of Aquaporins. INT J MOL SCI 18(11). pii: E2323.
McGaughey SA, Osborn HL, Chen L, Pegler JL, Tyerman SD, Furbank RT, Byrt CS, Grof CP (2016) Roles of Aquaporins in Setaria viridis Stem Development and Sugar Storage FRONT PLANT SCI 7;1815.
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