Elliott Fourie

Posted: Jun 10th, 2024

PhD Candidate in the Lister Lab


I'm a current PhD candidate in the Lister Lab. My project seeks to develop several RNA-based tools to control plant genes, with the primary intention of modifying plant traits for improved agricultural and astro-agricultural use. Alongside this, I am passionate about exploring the WA biotech industry and commercialisation routes available to translate research into real-world solutions.

My journey began when I was initially drawn to medicine, however, through a university lab immersion, I discovered a real passion for research. Motivated by this, I spent my undergraduate degree working as an unpaid research assistant in several labs. This hands-on experience helped inspire my future direction and helped with developing the technical skills required for a PhD.

At the start of my PhD, I was fortunate enough to be granted a Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship, which alongside a Jean Rogerson Postgraduate Stipend I plan to use to continue developing and exploring my passion for Synthetic Biology.