Akanksha Srivastava

Posted: Mar 10th, 2020


Dr Akanksha Srivastava obtained her Master’s degree in India before moving to the London, UK for an internship at Kingston University. While at Kingston University Akanksha become increasingly interested in applied machine learning, leading to her joining the Lister Lab at PEB in 2014 as PhD student in computational biology. Akanksha’s PhD work saw her use machine and deep learning algorithms to identify DNA methylation in plants and mammalian genomes.

“I have always been fascinated with developing computational tools and software for exploring biological data. As I became more interested in applied machine learning, I wanted to pursue a career in this area and fortunately, I found Ryan Lister. He was the starting point of my amazing journey with PEB center and played a significant role in my career.”

In 2019 Akanksha published a new machine learning based computational method called Histogram of Methylation (HOME), and after four years with PEB moved on to a post-doc position at The Australian National University.

“I’m now doing my post-doc at The John Curtin School of Medical Reesarch in the area of epitranscriptomics. I am developing software using deep learning algorithms to identify the RNA modifications in different species such as plants and animals, using nanopore signal data.”