Adam Reddiex

Posted: Jun 2nd, 2020

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Adam Reddiex has been a postdoctoral researcher with PEB in the Borevitz lab at The Australian National University since joining the centre in 2018. There he studies how the effects of mutation change in different environments.

An interest in wildlife led Adam to obtain his Bachelor’s degree in zoology and ecology (Honours) at the University of Queensland, after which he pursued a PhD in genetics and evolutionary biology. As a zoology major Adam didn’t initially see himself heading towards plant biology, but now that he’s here Adam is more than happy with the opportunities PEB has presented him.

“I used to study how genetics differed between the sexes and how that could constrain evolution using fruit flies. As an undergraduate, I didn’t invest much in botany or molecular biology, yet I’ve found myself in the field of statistical genetics studying plant cells. Now I investigate how mutations can have different effects in the different cell-types of root tissue in plants.”

“In 2019 I was happy to be a part of a team of past and present PEB members that simultaneously looked at the role of genetics and epigenetics in a number of traits of Brachypodium. We submitted the paper late 2019.”