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Heskel MA, Greaves HE, Turnbull MH, O'Sullivan OS, Shaver GR, Griffin KL, Atkin OK(2014)Thermal acclimation of shoot respiration in an Arctic woody plant species subjected to 22 years of warming and altered nutrient supply.Glob Chang Biol(in press)[PUBMED][DOI online source]
Heskel M, Greaves H, Kornfeld A, Gough L, Atkin OK, Turnbull MH, Shaver G, Griffin KL(2013)Differential physiological responses to environmental change promote woody shrub expansion.Ecol Evol3(5):1149-62[PUBMED][DOI online source]
Kornfeld A, Atkin OK, Griffin KL, Horton TW, Yakir D, Turnbull MH(2013)Modulation of respiratory metabolism in response to nutrient changes along a soil chronosequence.Plant Cell Environ.36(6):1120-34[PUBMED][DOI online source]
Kornfeld A, Heskel M, Atkin OK, Gough L, Griffin KL, Horton TW, Turnbull MH(2013)Respiratory flexibility and efficiency are affected by simulated global change in Arctic plants.New Phytol.197(4):1161-72[PUBMED][DOI online source]
O'Sullivan OS, Weerasinghe KW, Evans JR, Egerton JJ, Tjoelker MG, Atkin OK(2012)High-resolution temperature responses of leaf respiration in snow gum (Eucalyptus pauciflora) reveal high-temperature limits to respiratory function.Plant Cell Environ.(in press)[PUBMED][DOI online source]
Kornfeld A, Horton TW, Yakir D, Searle SY, Griffin KL, Atkin OK, Subke JA, Turnbull MH(2012)A field-compatible method for measuring alternative respiratory pathway activities in vivo using stable O₂ isotopes.Plant Cell Environ.35(8):1518-32[PUBMED][DOI online source]
Heskel MA, Anderson OR, Atkin OK, Turnbull MH, Griffin KL(2012)Leaf- and cell-level carbon cycling responses to a nitrogen and phosphorus gradient in two Arctic tundra species.Am. J. Bot.99(10):1702-14[PUBMED][DOI online source]
Crous KY, Zaragoza-Castells J, Ellsworth DS, Duursma RA, Löw M, Tissue DT, Atkin OK(2012)Light inhibition of leaf respiration in field-grown Eucalyptus saligna in whole-tree chambers under elevated atmospheric CO2 and summer drought.Plant Cell Environ.35(5):966-81[PUBMED][DOI online source]
Atkin OK(2011)Introduction to a Virtual Special Issue on plant respiration in variable environments.New Phytol.191(1):1-4[PUBMED][DOI online source]
Ayub G, Smith RA, Tissue DT, Atkin OK(2011)Impacts of drought on leaf respiration in darkness and light in Eucalyptus saligna exposed to industrial-age atmospheric CO₂ and growth temperature.New Phytol.190(4):1003-18[PUBMED][DOI online source]
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Hannemann J, Poorter H, Usadel B, Bläsing OE, Finck A, Tardieu F, Atkin OK, Pons T, Stitt M, Gibon Y(2009)Xeml Lab: a tool that supports the design of experiments at a graphical interface and generates computer-readable metadata files, which capture information about genotypes, growth conditions, environmental perturbations and sampling strategy.Plant Cell Environ.32(9):1185-200[PUBMED][DOI online source]
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